Whoever said "Words will never hurt me," never wrote copy.


Can you believe humans actually read this stuff?

Writing beyond SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Yes, your site must appeal to the robots of the Internet to capture your visitors. But once they arrive you only have a few seconds to ensure they stay. We'll find those "keeper" words for you. Let's talk!

Marketing Materials

Postcards, Tri-folds and Banners, Oh My!

So little time, so much to say...

Printed materials can be expensive. Let's make sure that YOURS are actually read! Whether you need a tagline, a paragraph, an article or compelling brochure, VIP is here for you. Let's talk!

Video Scripting

Wow! What visuals! But what about the dialog?

The most powerful videos which compel viewers to act are usually 30 seconds or less. You'd be amazed (which is kinda our goal) at how we can construct the least amount of words to get the most action from your message. Let's talk!

Social Media Impact

FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Oh Snap!

No one "likes" you? It's not's your words. You can type all day or text till your thumbs fall off, but unless your content makes its point, you just lost another reader and a potential "share" of your message. Let's talk!