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What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

What does your headshot say about you?  On biz card; FB page; LinkedIn; Twitter – Should be consistent to establish your brand/image.

It can say fun and friendly, while still maintaining a professional image.

Does it say “Badass?”  Well, if you’re seeking fellow narcissists, this may just work. 

Is your studio the front seat of your car? The back seat?
Crop out a girlfriend
Smoking jacket?  What? Are you a young Hefner?
Sideways or upside down?  Might seem like a cute conversation starter, but to most it could appear careless.

Grainy – taken with old smart phone

High school photo?  Hey, no one wants to age, but let’s be real, okay?

PLEASE…NO PHOTOS IN BATHROOM MIRROR!  We can almost smell the “studio”

Sexy?  Fine for dating sites, but almost an instant pass-up by business-minded people. Also seen as arrogant/non-approachable.

Whether outdoors or indoors, eliminate the “noise” in the picture, such as wrappers, water bottles, Cheetos, diaper bags, etc.  Also, unless an animal (dog, cat, horse, etc.) is business-related (Veterinarian, pet store, trainer, etc.) keep the photo about YOU.  This also relates to family members (kids, grandkids, spouses, etc.) UNLESS they are in the business with you.  You want your visual message to be very clear about YOU.

Family photos?

Oh, and what’s with the photos of the luxury cars? If you don’t sell them, you’re really not impressing anyone.

Vacation photos? Why? Unless you’re a travel agent.
Small photos? Why?  Appears to be low self-image/self-esteem
Playing paintball? Unless you own a sporting goods store…grow up!
Sitting?  Seems like you might not like to work.
No drinks or food in hand, unless you own a bar or restaurant. Can send mixed signals.
Tuxedo/Gowns?  Only if that’s how you normally go to work or if you run a bridal-groom-wear store.  Otherwise gives impression you want to “appear” wealthy.

Oh and once again…stop with the selfies.  It comes across as cheap and lazy!

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